A recent lunch time twitter chat posed some interesting questions about workforce planning. Is it purely a numbers game? Is there sufficient focus on the wider healthcare workforce when workforce planning is undertaken? Is workforce planning shrouded in mysticism?  Are you a workforce planner? What do you think?


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Jan Parfitt

Interesting questions , given the new NHS England workforce plan today- Good to see increasing numbers of healthcare professionals training being commissioned but so far looks pretty much based on traditional roles. The saying - if you always do , what you always did, you'll always get , what you always got! springs to mind - We need to start challenging the thinking about what types of roles are needed to create the workforce of the future and I'm not sure its always about more of the same!

John McLachlan

I'd be interested to know what members think of selection for the work force. The Francis report recommended selecting nurses on the basis of compassion - how might this best be achieved? If we want to move away from traditional models of working within the work force, should we try to select for team working, and if so, how?

I do have some ideas, but would grreatly value hearing what the community here has to say before rushing in!