Over the next six weeks I would like to help interested people who are about to embark on the work experience route or those that are not, but may be interested if they received advice and guidance or indeed those in the midst of this work activity and could do with a modicum of support.

To start you off on your journey of engaging new people to your privileged position of working in Health, you may ask;  

What does effective people engagement look like? 

As a taster for our discussions over the next six weeks we can talk about your readiness to engage in this agenda, ensuring all aspects are covered, maybe some fresh ideas of what wider work experience activities are, identifying gaps, assessing impact and value for money, linking with workforce planning activities and influencing Strategy.

It would be great if those of you that are experienced and successful in this area could also join us to offer your nuggets of wisdom and perhaps pitfalls to avoid……….


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