Hello again….our final week on work experience activities will address monitoring and evaluating work experience delivery against your action plan. You will notice that the title evaluation is in capital letters, this is because I want to emphasise that evaluation is not just a good idea, but a vital part of this process. I would go so far as to say that if you don’t evaluate the process, then you are missing the best opportunity you have for making your contribution count.

To help you with evaluation I would suggest that you will need to manage a documented, integrated and accurate process to monitor and evaluate progress. To be successful in these activities, there should be commitment from the organisation to hold staff involved in work experience, accountable to deliver on their objectives and activities.

When you evaluate these outcomes ask yourself whether there has been improvement and evolution with the work experience agenda…. What about the mechanism in place to record information and data?...Is there a process to deal with issues, enquiries and complaints?...and don’t forget about the feedback process…do you involve and inform key stakeholders and delivery partners?

On a final note, you may be interested to know that the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (cipd) have a Work Experience Charter, which can be downloaded if you are a member of cipd.


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Sharon Ensor

I agree being clear about evaluation at the out set and what you want to measure - tangible - is really key to bringing sceptical colleagues o board.

Crystal Pressley

Thanks for the update about the evaluation update here, that would be pretty informative. The people must think that way to get experienced and bring positive change in work experience. Thanks for a detailed http://www.superiorpaper.net/ article that would be pretty useful.

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