Free online support is now available to support employers in the health and social care sectors as they prepare for the launch of The Care Certificate in March 2015.

Developed in partnership with Skills for Health, Skills for Care and Health Education England, the Care Certificate was a key recommendation of the Cavendish Review to create common learning and development support for new starters in the health and social care sectors.

Image: Carer.The materials are intended as a first step for employers, to prepare them for the official launch of the Care Certificate in March 2015. To help employers become familiar with the fifteen new Standards and how to assess members of staff completing The Care Certificate.

The materials, including revised standards and guidance, are:

  • The Care Certificate Framework
  • The Care Certificate Assessor Document
  • The Care Certificate Guidance Document
  • The Care Certificate Mapping
  • The Care Certificate - Certificate
  • The Care Certificate FAQ
  • Self-Assessment Tool


Following the Francis Inquiry 2013, Camilla Cavendish was asked to review the roles of HCSWs in the NHS and Social Care Support Workers (SCSW) in social care and make recommendations on the recruitment, learning and development, management and support of HCSWs and SCSWs.

As a result of her findings, she recommended the introduction of a ‘Certificate of Fundamental Care’, now known as the Care Certificate, designed to help ensure that HCSWs and SCSWs and their employers can deliver a consistent high quality standard of care. Achievement of the Care Certificate is designed to ensure that health and social care support workers have the required values, behaviours, competences and skills to provide high quality, compassionate care.

Attached is a summary of the key changes/additional information headlines from across the seven resource documents released on the 30th January 2015.


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