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Working with Trust HR departments

Discussion By Leah Maltby 0 comment

I would like to know if any ULRs have engaged with Trust HR departments and if so what has the response been.  Many initiatives will only take off if addressed at Trust level.  It would b…

collecting ULR activity data

Discussion By Leah Maltby 0 comment

Unionlearn have been asked by BIS to return data on ULR activity monthly.  We would like to know what you views are about the best way to collect this information.  Currently as a ULF pro…

Apprenticeships used in NHS Trusts

Discussion By Leah Maltby 0 comment

I would love to know how many NHS trusts are using Apprenticeship Frameworks to train clinical staff.  What is ULRs' experience of apprentices and have they been involved in delivering some of…

New Group

News Story By Sharon Ensor 0 comment

Delighted to see a Group starting on this subject thanks Leah - it would be great if you could start a discussion that talked about your role - I am not sure many people understand what this role e…

About This Group

I would like to set up a group for all ULRs working in the health sector so that they have an opportunity to raise issues/concerns, share good practice and promote joint union working.

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