My Health Skills is a place for health professionals to share information, ask questions, discuss topics and keep up to date on all the latest industry news.

If you're struggling to find your way or need some help to contribute to the community, hopefully our guide below will get you on track. If we haven't answered tour question though, please get in touch and we'll do our best to give you the information you need.

How do I register to use My Health Skills?

When you're on the homepage, select the register for free button. We'll then ask for a few details, your name and email address. You'll also need to choose a memorable password. You can change this at a later date if needed. The most secure passwords tend to have a mix of lowercase letters, uppercase letters and numbers.

Once you have entered your details, select register now. You'll then receive an email at the address you specified.

How do I sign in?

Once you have registered for your free account, the next time you visit the site you'll need to sign in. The sign in button is on the homepage. Enter the email address and password you specified when you registered and select sign in. If you don't want to sign in every time, tick the remember my details box. This isn't recommended if you are on a public or shared computer.

As soon as you select sign in you'll see the My Health Skills homepage with your notifications showing on the right hand side.

How do I sign out?

Select your profile picture, choose sign out and hey presto.

How do I edit my profile?

When you're signed in you'll see your photo in the top right hand corner of the page. Press the photo and then choose My Profile.

This will take you to your profile page and from here you can select the edit profile button. Choose whatever field you need to change, update the information and when ready select the save changes button and your profile will be updated.

How do I start a group?

You need to be signed in to start a group. Then you can select the start a group button. We'll then ask you for a few details about the group , its name and a small description. If you're unsure what to include here then take a look at how some of the other groups have described themselves. There are also some prompts in the group description box.

Choose whether the group is public or private (if you're unsure see the next question below). Then select start group.

Your group will then be sent for approval to the Global Admin. Once approved you will be notified by email.

What's the difference between a public and private group?

If a group is Public any member of the My Health Skills network can join this group. If a group is Private, members will need to be approved by the group's administrator before they can join the group.

How do I leave a group?

I'm sure the group will be sorry to see you go but if you do need to leave then once signed in to My Health Skills, select your profile picture and then My Groups.

This will then display a list of the groups you are a member of. Select the red Leave button for the group you wish to leave. You will then see a message telling you that you have been removed from the group.

How do I start or contribute to a discussion?

You must be a member of the group you wish to contribute to. When you are on the main page for that group select the start a discussion button. You'll then be asked to give your topic a title and then add your message or question in the box below. If you need to add an image or a file, use the buttons below the main text box to choose and upload these.

If you need to save your discussion without sharing it, select save draft. When you're ready to publish it though, select the create this discussion button. Your discussion will then be posted in the group for all members to see.

How do I comment on a discussion?

When you are viewing a discussion on one of the groups you are a member of, you can comment on that discussion. You will need to be signed in to do so.

All you need to do is go to the discussion, type your comment into the box provided and when you're ready to put it live, select the Post Comment button. Your comment will be displayed straight away.

You won't be able to edit the comment but you can delete it using the delete link that appears above your comment.