Christine Mullen MBE

Independent Consultant & SFH Associate
Management (other)
Manchester (Greater Manchester district)


I have worked in health care for over 30 years mainly in the NHS but also overseas in the private sector. I worked as a nurse at clinical and board level as Executive Director of Nursing and Quality. In the last 10 years I worked in workforce modernisation and workforce development/planning at regional level in the Confederations 'as were' and at the North West SHA. I had responsibility for developing new ways of working in 2001 which resulted in the introduction and development of the new role the Assistant Practitioner across the North West and the co-development of the founddation degree. This was followed by the development of the advanced Practitioner in 2004/5. After retiring I undertook a number of workforce commissioned work on workforce developments including the introdction of assistant practitioners in Hopice workforce, a study of the Non Medcal Consultant role and an indepth analysis of the AHP workforce in the North West as it was and what the future opportunities and risks were.

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