Timothy Jackson

Macmillan Nurse Director
London, City of (london borough)


Developing an Assistant Practitioner Cancer and Palliative care - London

I had the privilidge of working with the team from Skills for Health along with others to develop a new role of Assistant Practitioner for Cancer Care and and or Palliative Care. The piece of work was motivated by the need to improve the experience of cancer patients in London and develop a new role of HCAs working in palliative and cancer care in Hospitals and Hospices. The Skills for health team were incredibly receptive and supportive of this am and quickly marshalled their team to support a group of experts working in cancer and specialist palliative care to work on this new role. The Skills for Health team were a joy to work along side, they supported, challenged and directed the group to pull together at pace a role outline within 3 months, a significant task! There was consensus within the group of experts as to what the role should look like and Skills for health beavered away within and outside the meetings to deliver this. As a result of their energy, expertise and personalities, the royal we delivered a product that hopefully will contribute to the delivery of good quality care for patients and their families and also offer an exciting career opportunity for those who undertake this role.

Timothy Jackson

Macmillan Nurse Director

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